The Right Connection

The Right Connection

July 23, 2019

"Thou shalt not plow with an ox and an ass together" Deuteronomy 22:10 KJV  -The Right Connection

I've preached the text three times in my lifetime, and I've come to discover that many people in the body of Christ have very poor and even pitiful connections in regards to relationships. Those relationships are not merely marital alone, but friendships, partnerships, and even memberships, including the church. This verse highlights at least 3 major reasons why Moses gave a law to not partner an ox with an ass (donkey, jackass) and its implications are still relevant today. Here are some notes from my sermon that may possibly help many of you in your personal relationships going forward.

1. The Right Connection Prevents Hardheadedness - Oxen are built for hard labor and are considered a legitimate working beast while donkeys are the opposite. When it's time to grind out real work, oxen will get the job done while donkeys will be completely stubborn and hardheaded as it relates to completing the tasks at hand. Hence the reason when people show their stubborn side, we call them the expletive term - "ass". This is a biblical statement implicating that hardworking, determined people should not connect or partner with lazy, distracted people because it prevents the hard worker from morphing into something that its not, a donkey! So many people have transformed from the sweetest of persons to the most bitter person because they didn't control the access and activities of donkeys in their lives. Simply listening to them and entertaining their waste-dumping turns your mind into a mental trash can with no filtration system. Eventually, that garbage gets into your heart and spirit, weakens your sight, plagues your thoughts, lessens your patience, and demotivates your determination. Don't allow the donkeys in your life to yoke with you, whether that's personal or professional, friendships, partnerships or even church memberships, because it will cause you to become a stubborn, hardheaded person.

2. The Right Connection Prevents Heaviness - While oxen are trained to work hard and eat little while working, the donkey eats much before working and becomes too heavy itself to carry or pull any load or significant weight. You should desire to be the person who can handle some things, and our struggle and downfall shouldn't be determined by the heaviness of the person you're yoked together with. Partnerships and relationships should be a mutual effort of carrying the load together in unity. Oxen are built for this, but donkeys bring heaviness into the situation. It's difficult enough to pull the weight of the load, and its altogether more difficult when you have to drag someone along with you because they're too heavy to carry themselves. They are heavy because they have filled their bellies with a substance that doesn't create positive energy. We all know persons whose spirit is always heavy, something is always wrong, feel as if someone is always bothering them, or just simply distressed, perplexed and ready to give up on life. This heaviness of heart, mind and spirit is often self-induced, but when explained by the heavy individual, they're often the victim. These are all symptoms of heaviness. Furthermore. many relationships and partnerships are burdened because one person, generally the ox, is bearing the weight of two people plus the work at hand. This effort creates undue stress for the ox, and wasted energy exerted towards reaching the simple goals in life. Don't allow donkeys to bring unnecessary heaviness in your life.

3. The Right Connection Prevents Halitosis - Donkeys eat while they travel, work and play, and unfortunately will eat anything in front of them, even if it's detrimental to their own livelihood. As a result of their poor chose of diet, they quickly develop a disease in their mouth called halitosis. It's a very foul, fetid, unpleasant odor, and when coupled with the extreme breathing from their heaviness, the smell irritates the nostrils of the oxen. The ox will quickly and abruptly attempt to detach itself from the yoke of the donkey because it can no longer tolerate the foul breath of the donkey. Again, the foul odor is a result of the donkey eating everything in front of it. There are people that will eat everything in front of them, and that's not referring to food alone; but gossip, rumors, lies, hearsay, she-said, he-said, they-said, and the list goes on. As a consequence, many relationships and partnerships dissolve because someone in the relationship has halitosis, constantly speaking negativity, rumors, and gossip into the atmosphere. Oxen are focused on the work at hand while donkeys are only distracting the real workers with their foul breath. And, sometimes those with halitosis don't even realize just how foul their breath really is and how offensive it is to others around them. And unfortunately, there is no tic-tac, peppermint or breathe strip that can eradicate this disease. Be cautious of connecting and partnering with donkeys of which most of what they have to say is irritating your spiritual, mental, social and psychological nostrils.


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