Some of the Duties and Responsibilities of the Deacon’s Ministry

Deacons shall be watchful guardians over membership acting in conjunction with the Pastor. They should strive to maintain a spiritual tone of Christian faith and activity in the body of Christian Believers and should assist the Pastor in administering the ordinance of the church (i.e., The Lord’s Supper and the Water Baptism). 

The Deacons shall assist in looking after the sick and needy members; conducting prayer meetings and devotional meetings; assisting the Pastor in the work of enlistment and advancement in the best interest of the church; assisting with the needs of the pulpit, attending the services of this church on a regular basis.

In the absence of a Pastor, it becomes the duty of the Deacons to conduct the devotional services, to administer the affairs of the body generally, to provide for the supply of the church and the pulpit, until the church has prayerfully selected a Pastor as so ordained by God.

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