Dr. Corey D. Brown

Dr. Corey D.  Brown

Dr. Corey D. Brown


Rev. Dr. Corey D. Brown is currently the Senior Pastor of the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Mobile, AL. Accepting this new assignment in December 2018, Dr. Brown preached his first official sermon on January 6th, 2019. As a result of his dynamic preaching and leadership, coupled with the faith of his new congregants, explosive growth is already being witnessed at the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, to include a campaign for 100 new members in 2019, salary increases for the Blessed Beginnings Child Development Center, and capital improvements for the properties of the church. With multiple services on Sunday’s and during the week, Dr. Brown preaches and teaches with passion to broaden the scope of ministry at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. The theme for 2019 is “Giving God Glory” at the ‘Ship’ who is a church with “a friendly heart, a friendly smile, that’s the Friendship style”.

Dr. Corey D. Brown is also the founder and CEO of CD Brown Ministries, Inc., a non-profit, religious organization that promotes his powerful, profound, prolific, passionate, and precision preaching. Since its 2013 inception, Dr. Brown has been noted as one of the top 40 young preachers to watch in America.

Dr. Brown formerly pastored the Sunset Missionary Baptist Church of Texarkana, TX from 2015 – 2018. During his pastorate there, the church accomplished major capital improvements to include the renovation of the main sanctuary, new audio and visual equipment, and exterior property enhancements. Dr. Brown also formerly pastored the Moses Missionary Baptist Church of Augusta, GA., from 2010-2015. Within that timeframe, the church grew rapidly from 50 members to nearly 800 members and multiple services weekly. Dr. Brown was fortunate to baptize nearly 300 new converts to Christ over those years and led this ministry to become one of the fastest growing churches in the city of Augusta in total active membership.

Dr. Brown received his Bachelor of Science in Religion from Liberty University with honors. He also completed the Master of Arts in Religion degree in 2009 and the Master of Religious Education degree in 2010 from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, VA. Additionally, he has attained the Doctor of Ministry degree with specializations in Preaching and Leadership from the renowned United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate from St. Thomas Christian University in 2014.

Dr. Brown is also a published author of his first book entitled, “Black Fathers – The Living Dead”. His book can be found on Amazon, eBay, Barnes and Noble and other bookstores across the globe.

Dr. Brown acknowledges all of his personal and professional achievements, but none greater than his love and passion for teaching and preaching God’s Word and leading God’s people.

Dr. Brown is the very proud husband of Rashawn D. Brown, and a father of the most academic, athletic, and articulate children to whom he holds in very high regards.

Dr. Brown can be followed on social media: Facebook @Corey Brown and Twitter @DrCDBrown.



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